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The leading trend in business education today in the United States is combining experiential learning with the traditional classroom experience. In La Salle University’s Business Scholars Co-op Program you work in your chosen career field for 10 to 12 months and linking this to your classroom experience. And, you do this all in four years.

We are accepting applications from seniors in High School who wish to be part of this innovative program that features the following unique elements:

  • Graduate in four years with two full-time co-op work experiences. Traditional co-op programs take 4.5 to 5 years to complete.
  • Receive acceptance into the program while still in high school.
  • Access business opportunities in the fourth largest metropolitan area of the United States, including the fourth largest concentration of Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Share the co-op learning experience in courses designed just for co-op scholars.
  • Receive academic credit for the co-op experiences while also earning a salary.
  • Use an Internet-based, interactive career development product that features access to over 17 million corporations.
  • Participate in specially designed workshops and events for co-op scholars over the four years of education.

The La Salle Business Scholars Co-op Program is open to those high school seniors demonstrating the highest academic achievement.

Become part of a growing trend in business education at a great school in a great city.

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