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The La Salle University Center for Entrepreneurship is focused on building the skills needed for students and alumni to be tomorrow’s leaders.  Whether their career paths lead them up the corporate ladder or onto new start-up ventures, the combination of classroom and experiential learning will position our graduates of the Center with the knowledge, experience and confidence to convert ideas into opportunity and maximize their value in the professional world.

In today’s economy, executives must be looking for and creating new competitive advantages.  The Center for Entrepreneurship is about helping students learn how to identify and capitalize on these opportunities and build the plans, infrastructure and teams to make them successful.

Academic and Launch Support

Students enrolled in the entrepreneurship series of classes and workshops will receive the baseline educational foundation to understand how small businesses operate, opportunity identification, business and financial planning, operations management, and marketing.

Skills are reinforced through hands-on, practical and real-life exercises working with existing businesses in the community to support their mission and goals through close mentoring and guidance provided by the Center for Entrepreneurship.

An academic pathway is established to monitor and aid students in their pursuit of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, eventually leading them to proficiency where they can consider starting their own enterprise, or working in support of others’ vision and plans.

For those students ready to take the leap into their own plans, the Center for Entrepreneurship offers mentoring and access to its La Salle Entrepreneurs Network which consists of several of the region’s top successful business men and women in various fields who are ready to support their efforts through guidance, product feedback, and business network introductions.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Through the completion of core business courses, attending lectures and seminars on entrepreneurial topics and participating in hands-on business planning, launch and execution, students are eligible to receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurship in recognition of their efforts.

This Certificate will be part of your transcript and an important addition to a student’s resume to demonstrate relevant, extracurricular activity focused on  the knowledge and initiative to think and act creatively to gain a competitive advantage.

For more information or to enroll in our Certificate program, contact us.

We invite students in all colleges at La Salle to participate in this program and talk to us about ways of reaching your academic and career goals together.

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